Why I Love MAC more than any other Brand: an Ode to MAC Cosmetics

(Photo taken from http://www.harboreast.com/meet-neighborhood/shopping/mac-cosmetics/) Everybody says MAC is usually the first brand that catches your attention when you first get into make-up and in my case it was like that. It is also… Continue reading

Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser: Good Quality and Affordable Skincare

Back in January I had to travel to the UK and even though I didn’t have much free time I obviously managed to do a trip to Boots. Among other things I picked… Continue reading

Last US Drugstore Haul

Before leaving the United States I HAD to have the last drugstore shopping spree! This is not going to be a long review or anything like that and I don’t want to show… Continue reading

Best of Sephora Collection

It hasn’t been that long since Sephora launched in my city in Spain, I would say 4 years, but since then I have tried a few products from their range and these are… Continue reading

The Middle Way Mint

I love mint nails for spring and summer. Last year I finally got my hands on Essie Mint Candy Apple and also Essie Absolutely Shore. I love them both: the first one is… Continue reading

NYX Butter Gloss

NYX Butter Lip Glosses are becoming very popular in the blogsphere and I can understand why! They are very pigmented, they last a decent amount of time on the lips but nothing amazing… Continue reading

May Favourites

Sorry for my absence this week, I am still getting used to being at home again and these last days I have visiting friends and family. As you can see, not many favourite… Continue reading

Life updates: bye bye USA

My journey in the United States has come to end…sad times. This weekend I am moving back home to my parent’s for the summer. I apologize for the lack of posts but, if… Continue reading

Sephora Brightening Hydrating Foundation

  My ramblings about foundations have no end! As I said before, I have an obsession with foundations, I want to try them all! I have so many that I have posts about… Continue reading

The Aveda Takeover

For the last few months I have been adding a lot of Aveda products to my routine and my face is a very happy face so I thought I would let you know… Continue reading

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