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Empties #3

It might not be the best post after such a long time but I had to write before I forget what I think about this products! There are a lot in here so… Continue reading

Bedside Beauty

Following my Evening Skincare Routine I wanted to do a post about the essentials I always keep in my bedside table. They are not too many because that is all I need at… Continue reading

Empties #2

Here is my second round of empties, this time a bit shorter than the first post. I have to say I finished these products a while ago but I couldn’t find the photo… Continue reading

April Favourites

Where did these four months go? When you are busy time flies! Hopefully I will have a little bit more free time from now on since I am almost done with my MA,… Continue reading

Sugar: yes or no?

First things first: I am not a doctor or a nutritionist or a beauty expert, I am just passing down some advice my doctor gave me a while ago. Exam season is close… Continue reading

A well-deserved pampering evening

Today’s evening is going to be devoted to myself and I am not going to feel sorry about it! On Friday I passed my MA comprehensive exams so after some celebratory drinks yesterday… Continue reading

Pamper yourself

It hasn’t been that long since I discovered the perks of taking a long bath to relax and (try to) empty the mind for a while. Now it has become a routine and… Continue reading

Cold Weather Saviours

Now that the cold weather is finally leaving us (yay!) I wanted to dedicate an ode to the products that saved my skin during those awful, never-ending weeks of living below 0ÂșC. Face… Continue reading

indeed laboratories hits Walgreens!

I guess it happens to many of us…you go to the drugstore to pick just one thing that you need and half an hour later you walk out of the door with a… Continue reading

February Favourites

February is over and from March on everything starts to look (at least a bit) brighter here, I am already thinking about Spring and Summer. That could be the reason for digging out… Continue reading

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