Why I Love MAC more than any other Brand: an Ode to MAC Cosmetics

MAC-Cosmetics-Logo (1)

(Photo taken from http://www.harboreast.com/meet-neighborhood/shopping/mac-cosmetics/)

Everybody says MAC is usually the first brand that catches your attention when you first get into make-up and in my case it was like that. It is also said that then you move on and discover other high-end brands to love, and I think that could be true as well. However, in my opinion, MAC is an outstanding brand in many aspects. Obviously their products have an amazing quality, but when I say I consider it an outstanding brand I am thinking about other things.

Their motto is “All ages. All races. All sexes“, and that sums it very well, although I wouldn’t use the word “race”. Not many brands cater for so many different skin tones, which is what strikes me the most when I visit other counters, MAC really thinks about EVERYBODY. “All sexes” is really important to me as well, because I really don’t see the point of selling make-up just for women anymore, we have come a long way of reverting some established things in many societies and this is one we should think about as well. Talking about reverting or subverting standards, I also love the celebrities they choose for their campaigns and Viva Glam programme. Lady Gaga has been saying a lot of truths for a very long time for example, and Nicki Minaj, even though her body is stunning, she definitely does not meet the standards of beauty we are used to seeing in media. All these things make me love MAC as a brand more and more.

Now, getting a little bit more personal here, and having in mind that I am a lesbian or queer or however you want to put it (we don’t need labels, it is ok if you don’t want to define yourself as one thing) and I am also interested in LGBTQ issues , the fact that MAC has used Ru Paul at least in two occasions, Ricky Martin for one of their latest Viva Glam campaigns, or that the celebrity for their Viva Glam II lipstick (which I obviously own!) was the lesbian artist KD Lang, speaks directly to me. Their job in this aspect is excellent and their AIDS fund (unfortunately something that sometimes is associated exclusively with the gay community) is simply impressive and praiseworthy.

I know this is a marketing campaign, but there are good and bad ways of doing publicity and this is definitely a good one. All the points I talked about before make MAC a good brand in general and the philosophy they transmit is great. Even though it is advertising, other brands are doing it in their own way and to me none of them come close to MAC in this respect. Being advocates of difference as something good and beautiful, including absolutely everyone and giving visibility and speaking out about LGBTQ issues, means that I am always more happy to spend my money on MAC than on any other brand.