Last US Drugstore Haul

DSCF6305 DSCF6304 DSCF6306 DSCF6307Before leaving the United States I HAD to have the last drugstore shopping spree! This is not going to be a long review or anything like that and I don’t want to show off either. The purpose of this is just showing you what I got in case you want me to do a review of any of these products in more detail. I had been wanting all of these products for months and I don’t know if you do this but my reasoning when I am stressed or when I have to do something important is the following: “Paula, you want to get your hands on that so badly, but if you get the reward before making sure you have done everything you have to do and that you have done it the best way you can, Karma might get angry and everything is going to be a mess. Get back to work.” Do you do that as well? So basically I had been thinking about these bits for months and saving money for them but I knew I wanted to get them once I knew I had passed all my exams and requirement for the MA as a sort of treat to myself. I haven’t had time to try them all fully because my unpacking process has been veeeery slow and lip glosses and mascaras have been popping out here and there for the last week.

Please let me know if you would like to see a review of any of the products above!