The Middle Way Mint


Essie Mint Candy Apple- KIKO 345 – Essie Absolutely Shore

I love mint nails for spring and summer. Last year I finally got my hands on Essie Mint Candy Apple and also Essie Absolutely Shore. I love them both: the first one is a very bright (almost neon depending on the light) colour whereas the second is more an off-white mint/green. I absolutely love them both but in my quest for more mint nail polishes I found the KIKO 345 nail polish, which is like the son/daughter of the other two. The quality of the KIKO nail polishes is pretty good I have to say, not the most amazing out there but they are so affordable and the colour range is so huge that you can’t go wrong with them.

If you cannot get hold of KIKO in your country, L’Oréal Color Riche 852 in Pistachio Drage is another middle way mint which has extremely good quality too, I totally recommend any of these.

What are your favourite shades for summer?