Life updates: bye bye USA


One of my favourite photos from my window

My journey in the United States has come to end…sad times. This weekend I am moving back home to my parent’s for the summer. I apologize for the lack of posts but, if you think moving houses is a pain, moving to a different country is really hectic and stressful! I have spent this week saying goodbye to friends and amazing people I have met here and now it is time to empty the apartment, clean and pack. I promise I’ll be back with more posts once I am settled back home. 

It has been an amazing experience even though you go through hard times as well. If you have the opportunity to live abroad, do it! I think I might do a post on living in a different country at some point because it is one of the most enriching experiences one can have. 

Now it is time to say the last goodbyes, tissues out!

Thanks for reading and talk to you soon!