Sephora Brightening Hydrating Foundation




Sephora Brightening Hydrating Foundation: Shade 27/ Shade 20


Sephora Brightening Hydrating Foundation: Shade 27/ Shade 20

My ramblings about foundations have no end! As I said before, I have an obsession with foundations, I want to try them all! I have so many that I have posts about this topic for a very long time I think. Anyway, I wanted to review the Sephora Brightening Hydrating foundation because I think it is a nice foundation although it has some downsides to it as well.

[As you can see in the swatches above, once you blend them, the difference between the two shades is not that huge. I definitely should have gone for a lighter shade in the case of the light one…oh well…]

To keep it short, it has medium coverage and it gives that luminous/dewy finish some of us like so if you are more into matte bases this one is definitely not for you. The lasting power is not amazing, I would say 5/6h, after that it starts to disappear. However, the thing with this foundation is that if you have combination/oily skin you NEED to powder and I also have to powder throughout the day. I have combination skin and I tried applying this with no powder at home just to see how it performed. After applying it, I literally sat down in the sofa for 45 minutes and did nothing apart from watching TV. When I went back to check in the mirror, my face looked as if I had had a serious workout! Seriously, my face was super oily and I would even say sweaty! With powder, if you like some shine on your base, you are good, but, at least for my skin, this foundation without powder is a mess. I don’t know how it would perform on dry/normal skin, but i imagine the effect would be better.

This foundation is not the cheapest, it is around 15€ in Europe (I guess it depends on the country, you can check the French website here) but if you have the points card you sometimes get 10%-20% off and in that case I think it is a good deal. I have checked the US website but I couldn’t find it there so it might have been discontinued on this side of the Atlantic; you can always check a store though if you live near one. I really like the foundation itself, so much so that I have two shades, but if your skin is combination/oily but you still want something luminous, I would say the Bourjois foundations (I did a post about them, you can read it here) are a safer bet. However, if you can get to a Sephora, it might be worth giving it a try.

Will my foundation obsession end anytime soon? Probably not…