Essie Truth or Flare


Essie Truth or Flare


Essie Truth or Flare


Essie Truth or Flare

This might not be your average colour for spring/summer but it is so beautiful I couldn’t resist picking it up. The rest of the Essie spring collection didn’t catch my attention, basically because the colours are not that unique and you can find similar shades in their permanent collection. However, Truth or Flare is a very special muted blue with a hint of grey that makes it stand out form the rest of the collection and in general from average shades of nail polish. Lately I have been trying to only buy nail polishes that are very different from what I already have or the ones that are very original and believe me, this has a well deserved spot in my collection because it is like nothing I’ve had before.

Essie nail polishes retail for $8 (Walgreens or CVS)/£8 (Boots) and I am not sure but I would say in Spain are around 12€ (you can find them in El Corte Inglés). Not the most affordable product out there but their quality and shades are amazing so if you want an original shade I definitely recommend this one.