Bedside Beauty

DSCF5415Following my Evening Skincare Routine I wanted to do a post about the essentials I always keep in my bedside table. They are not too many because that is all I need at the moment. When my hands are extra dry I use Eucerin Intensive Repair Hand Cream but now that winter is gone my hands are in a better condition (at least most of the time) I use Hand Food from Soap & Glory and the Eucerin one only once or twice a week. I have raved about this Eucerin hand cream before (you can read it here) since it is my favourite one for fixing my hands during autumn/winter and keeping them in good condition. The Hand Food cream is a pleasure to use because it not only hydrates your hands, it smells great as well! For lips I normally use the KIKO Night Balm at night (review here) and Nuxe Rêve de Miel during the day while I am at home (I don’t like sticking my fingers in a pot when I am not at home so I keep a chapstick in my bag), but lately I have been reaching for the Nuxe balm at night too sometimes since I love the product. Finally, I decided to include the Dream Silk Comfort Cream. I picked this up in TJMax not that long ago because it was around $4-5. It is a body cream that is supposed to have ingredients that will help you relax and fall asleep more easily. I don’t know if it works or not, maybe it is a placebo effect but truth is it smells so good that it is a pleasure to use. I apply it from time to time  to my wrists and chest or places where I can smell the scent easily and it feels nice.

These are the products that have been sitting in my bedside table lately, what are yours?