Laura Mercier Silk Creme or MAC Studio Sculpt?


I am addicted to foundations, I want to try them all and that explains my ever growing collection. When you have more foundations than what you need you start seeing similarities among them as it is the case with these two. Laura Mercier Silk Creme and MAC Studio Sculpt are my two high coverage foundations and I have found they are very close in many aspects.


Top: MAC Studio Sculpt in NC20 / Bottom: Laura Mercier Silk Creme in Cream Ivory

(The shade difference is huge, but I hope you can see how similar they are. Even though NC20 looks very dark once blended it looks much more natural although it is definitely not my winter shade)

In terms of coverage they are pretty much the same, they cover A LOT and you need to a very small amount or they would look too cakey. With the right amount of product they look just amazing. Both have a luminous finish, so if you prefer a more matte finish maybe these are not your thing, but you can always apply a tiny bit more powder and problem solved. Their lasting power is impressive, they stay all day and I usually only powder throughout the day because my skin combination/slightly oilier at the moment, but I do that with all my foundations. I wore MAC Studio Sculpt yesterday for I would say 10 hours and by the end of the day it didn’t look amazing but it was still there and I didn’t have any weird patches, good right? 

The only big difference I say between these is that while Laura Mercier Silk Creme seems to blend seamlessly “into” my skin, MAC Studio Sculpt is more like a veil on top of my skin. The MAC one seems to transfer a little bit more, maybe because it clearly sits on top of my skin. However, they both look almost the same and I am sure people couldn’t tell the difference between the two. 

I love them both and I love how they look on my skin, but here is the interesting thing: they are very similar in finish but the price difference is $14 ($45 Laura Mercier vs $31 MAC), so if you are interested in a high coverage, yet luminous foundation you have nothing to loose if you try MAC Studio Sculpt at the counter first to see if it works for you. I’m afraid if you try Laura Mercier Silk Creme first you might fall in love and there is a more affordable alternative that might work for you as well as the more expensive option.

What do you think about these foundations? Have you tried them? I would love to hear your impressions!