Minimal Make-up

DSCF5093Once you get used to wearing make-up it can sometimes be a little bit scary leaving the house without your full face on. However, I always like to remember that my face is my face and I have to love it as it is. The other day the weather was nice, I was feeling very happy for no reason and I went for a coffee with some friends with just mascara and a red lip. I don’t particularly recommend this mascara though, I don’t feel like it does anything amazing to my lashes for the price tag but it was the one I had at hand. Anyway, it felt so cool wearing just this! It gives you a grunge and careless look but I really like. If you find this too daring, you can always throw some powder or tinted moisturizer on and off you go!

(Note: the weird shape of the lipstick is thanks to my 4-year-old cousin who is already a diva. I caught her playing with it, at least she didn’t break it! By the way, she kinda masters doing her nails on her own!)

Will you be trying this?