My Evening Skincare Routine


As soon as I get home, I remove my make-up and start my evening skincare routine. This is what I enjoy the most because it is when I have more time to apply my creams and treatments to have a bright skin next morning. The company HSN posted “4 overnight products you should be using” (link here) recently and they contacted me to see if I wanted to write about my tips for good skin. I definitely recommend reading it, it is very interesting!

Now, here is what I do. First  I make sure I remove my make-up completely, using The Body Shop Silky Cleansing Oil (review here) and then I use another cleanser such as Aveda Purifying Creme Cleanser or Clarins Cleansing Milk (post here). In the long run, not making an effort in removing you make-up can be horrible but immediate effects, at least for me, are red face and red eyes the next morning. After that I use and exfoliating toner and a hydrating one, both from the Botanical Kinetics range by Aveda.

As I said in my morning routine, I don’t use all those products at the same time it depends on how my skins is looking. During winter, I have been using hydrating serums morning and evening because the weather here was too  much! hydraluron is just amazing, although I also loved the Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum, but I used it up. Also, I have been fighting a massive breakout on my neck for last 5 months I would say and even though it is almost gone, those spots like making an appearance every now and then and if not, I still have A LOT of scars. If I see them coming out again, those little monsters, I apply the Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil on the area, if not, I apply pepta-bright to see if it helps with the scars.

All these steps really help me have a more calm skin the next morning, especially the treatments for acne. However, there are two steps that are basic for me: eye cream and moisturizer. The HSN post starts with the following sentence: “When it comes to beauty sleep, it’s safe to say that we generally fall into two categories; those who manage 8 hours of sleep a night and those who don’t!”. I definitely fall into the second category so I have to make sure I use the right products to help me have a respectable face in the morning. I like using Mario Badescu Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream at night because it is a little bit richer that my morning eye cream and this one is great at fixing dry patches too. Finally, my moisturizer all over the face, something that will nourish and soothe my skin. I have only been using the Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins for a week so I don’t have a clear opinion yet but I can say that so far so good, I am happy with its performance because it hasn’t broke me out and my face feels plumped in the morning. On the HSN webpage they have organized all the skincare very neatly, you can specifically look for products to target your concern here. 

Right before I get into bed, I use Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm on my lips, it is my favourite lip balm so far and using it at night means I can use any lipstick I want the next morning because my lips are in perfect condition 🙂

What are the products you use at night to calm and treat you skins after a long day?

(Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by HSN, nor did I receive any compensation for it. I was contacted by them and I just thought it was a good post and decided to include it here)