Pamper yourself


It hasn’t been that long since I discovered the perks of taking a long bath to relax and (try to) empty the mind for a while. Now it has become a routine and I try to do it once a week although sometimes it is impossible. Every now and then I like to use a bath bomb to pamper myself even a little bit more and I wanted to show you the brands I have tried so far because I really like them all:

– The first and obvious one is Lush, they are very famous already and you can find their stores in many countries so I won’t talk about all the wonders they have there! You can check their website here.

– If you are in Spain and you don’t have Lush in your city (I didn’t have one in mine) you can check if you have Enjabonarte. It is very similar to Lush, with a smaller range but still a very good selection of products for your pampering evening. You can check their range and stores here.

– If you don’t have any of the above at hand, there could be a local store where they make their own bath bombs and other handmade bathtime treats. I took a little trip to Tennessee with some friends a while ago and while visiting Franklin (a lovely town by the way) I came across a store very similar to Lush, Bathos. The store was very lovely and cosy and their range was very varied, from bath bombs to face masks and skincare bits. I picked some bath bombs and a face oil which I have just finished and I am very pleased with the quality! You can check their webpage here.

Do you have some pampering essentials you like to treat yourself to?