I couldn’t resist… Clinique All About Eyes Palette


Clinique All About Eyes Palette


Clinique All About Eyes Palette


Clinique All About Eyes Palette

I have been looking for the perfect neutral eyeshadow palette for ages. I have been tempted many times before but ended up not picking any of them because they were not THE palette I wanted to have. Some of them had too many glittery or very dark eyeshadows (read Naked palette), others had amazing shades but too many weird ones that I knew I would never use (like Naked 3 or some NARS ones)…But I have finally found a neutral palette that I can wear day and night (specially for daytime since I am not very risky with my eyeshadows) and has the perfect size for travelling.

I love all the shades in this Clinique palette and I know I am going to get a lot of use out of it. I haven’t tried it properly yet because I bought it this week but so far the quality is very good, I will keep you updated. Besides, it is only $36, very reasonable price if you compare it to others.

Am I out of the neutral eyeshadow market? Yes, but I don’t know for how long…I didn’t give into the hype but right now I think those Naked palettes are too tempting…