Bourjois Happy Light Foundation


Bourjois Happy Light- shade 50 Porcelain

Bourjois Happy Light Foundation has been in the market for a few months now but I couldn’t get my hands on it until a I travelled to Spain for Christmas. I have other Bourjois foundations but this one is a good candidate to be my favourite out of them.

It has a bit of a watery consistency and it is light coverage, so I have to use concealer, but it unifies your skin tone pretty well. It is not matte at all, it really does what it says on the tin, it brings light to your complexion in a nice way, not in a oily way. I have combination skin so I always powder the T-zone and for that I use MAC MSF in Light Plus. I love pairing these two together because this powder doesn’t kill the luminosity but it helps with keeping my oils at bay. The lasting power is very good, I haven’t used it for longer that 7-8 hours but after that time it still looked good (obviously not as fresh as when you’ve just applied it) and I only have to powder once after 4 or 5 hours of wearing it, which is very good if you use it for work and you don’t have time to be checking your foundation often.

Bourjois happy light

Bourjois Happy Light -shade 50 Porcelain

The shade range is not amazing though. I have what I think it’s the lightest shade, 50 Porcelain, which is a tiny bit dark for me but it still works. Even though I am pale, I am not fairest of the fair so if you really have porcelain skin maybe you won’t find a shade for you.  Same if you have dark skin, apparently they don’t target very fair or very dark skin tones (Bourjois, you should definitely step up your game). Last thing, I think most Bourjois foundations are yellow toned but I would say that in this one they brought out a shade called Vanilla Rose, so maybe they have included some pink toned shades. 

All in all, a great foundation that has climbed to my favourites in a very short time. I really recommend trying it if you have the chance and if you are able to find a shade that suits you!

*As a side note, and in case the lovely people from Bourjois Spain  read my blog at some point, please, please, please, bring lighter shades of your foundations to Spain! I checked absolutely all the shops that retail Bourjois in my city and the lightest shade for this foundation was 53!! (Same happens with the rest of the foundations, the lightest shade is veeeeery dark) We are not all as tan as you think, there are tons of people with fair skin in Spain! I ended up buying mine from ASOS and it has a discount right now,you can check it here.