MAC Patisserie vs 17 Beehive: dupes?

MAC Patisserie vs 17 Beehive

17 Beehive- MAC Patisserie

I have seen 17 Beehive compared to MAC Hue tons of times in different UK and Ireland blogs and I wanted to give a new comparison. I don’t own Hue but while I was looking for dupes in my collection I found that these two are very similar! Beehive is more sheer and glossy than Patisserie but the shades are very close I think. If you were considering getting one of the MAC lipsticks, you lucky UK and Ireland people who have Boots in every corner, here is a very good alternative!

17 lipsticks are around £5/5€ and can be bought in Boots. If you live outside the UK or Ireland you can check their webpage here, they have started delivering internationally but only to a few countries, maybe you are lucky! 

£5 vs £15…bargain!