Foundation for sensitive skin: Avène Couvrance



Avène Couvrance, Shade: 3- Sand

If you have acne  prone or sensitive skin you might like this foundation.  Two years ago I had a rash around my nose which was very itchy and sore. The doctor told me I should avoid make up or use some pharmacy products like this one so I decided to try it. 

It is very good for sensitive skin or acne prone skin, it didn’t make my rash worse nor made it itchy or sore. I have already finished my first tube and started my second one this summer so that is sign right? At the moment I am suffering from acne again on my chin and my neck, which is very unusual for me, so I remembered I had this oil-free foundation on my stash and decided to use it again and write about it. The coverage is medium and the finish is not completely matte, it leaves your skin looking natural and satin. The shade I show in the photo is 3 Sand, which is too dark for me at the moment and it has neutral-pink undertones so I think I’ll pick up 2 Natural which is a tiny bit lighter and has yellow undertones to it. They only have 5 shades so the range is not amazing…something to improve, Avène!

This foundation is suitable for combination skin but if you have very oily or very dry skin, they have two other versions of this foundation  in a compact form to suit these skin types. I heard the compact foundations are full coverage as opposed to the fluid one which has more of a medium coverage.

The price is tricky because it can vary a lot from one pharmacy to another, but for these ones I paid around 17-18€.  Check different local pharmacies if you are in Spain and if you are abroad you can check different online stores.

If you are looking for a foundation for your sensitive skin this could be a good one to try!