Stationery Addict



I have been a stationery addict since I was a kid, at some point in my childhood my Christmas wishlists would only include books and stationery (mainly stationery). It might be due to the fact that I love (or need) making lists for everything. I was looking for a new one since the one I had is finished and I saw them in the store calling my name from the shelves…They have the perfect size to carry around with you in your handbag and write down everything you need to do or any inspirations that you have before you forget. I like this type of notebooks more that normal planners because I write things and then once I turn the page for a new week the rest is gone…I know it is stupid, but it has been that way since school days…It works better for me to jot down everything on these and check them regularly, let alone if they have beautiful prints and colours like these ones!

The pink ones are from Moleskine and the pack retails for 8.95$. The other pack is from Rifle Paper Co. and they were 11$, I bought them in a local store but you can check their webpage here. My favourites have to be the last ones…flowers and dots…right up my street! The only thing I need to do now is stay away from that cozy beautiful store where I bought them…