Charlotte Tilbury and gender roles

Charlotte Tilbury has recently released her make up range. I have seen it featured in some blogs from UK and I thought it was stunning! I went to the website to check the whole collection and since I am obsessed with make-up bags I had to check hers. And I was very surprised, but not in a nice way. This is what I found:

Charlotte Tilbury

This sentence perpetuates the idea that the only mission of a woman in her life is being pretty, that’s it. You can conquer the world with or without make up, make up is not going to make you more intelligent. It is not only ridiculous to think make-up will have any impact on your future but also very dangerous for the kind of young women they are targetting. This means that a woman is nothing without beauty and that beauty exclusively stems from make-up, which would lead us to the controversial definition of “beauty”, but we can talk about that in a different post.

There are many reasons to wear make-up, it changes how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you, but make-up on its own is not going to take you anywhere.

But wait! There’s more! When I was looking for a picture of the bag online to include it here, I found that they have another bag which is equally dangerous. Here you have it:

There is absolutely nothing inherent in a woman for wearing make-up, it is something socially created and perpetuated, and now it is embedded in our mind that only women can do it. But there are many things that are not being taken into account here:

1. Saying that we “deserve” a man implies that we NEED him. We don’t necessarily need men, we can be very happy on our own.

2. Not every woman wants a man, there are women who want women, and I am one of these. Saying “every woman needs a man…” is totally heteronormative.

3. Men might want a woman to ruin their lipstick, not their mascara. Again, it is not our monopoly to wear make-up, the combination “women-make-up” is something socially established.

4. Like number 2, there might be men who want other men to ruin their lipstick.

Be careful, heteronormativity is everywhere.

I am not critizising Charlotte Tilbury as a person or as a professional make up artist, neither her make-up range, which looks absolutely beautiful. This is only about all the implications that these two sentences have for women and society in general.

Wouldn’t it be easier to simply say “You can conquer the world” or “You want somebody to ruin your lipstick, not your mascara”? I think the bag would look as beautiful as it looks now and it would be healthier for our minds. Things need to change.

(Photos taken from here  and here )