Black nails?Almost…

DSCF3686Stylenomics- Sole Mate- After School Boy Blazer
DSCF3683Sole Mate (burgundy)
DSCF3684After School Boy Blazer (navy blue)
DSCF3685Stylenomics (dark green)

When a new season comes, the first thing I like to change in my colour routine is my nail polish. Fall is already here (even though it arrived a bit late where I live) so I dug out my dark nail polishes and I realised I had forgotten how pretty they are! I might have also rushed out of the house to my local drugstore to get one of the latest Essie launches as well…and I adore it!

However, the thing I like the most about these three is that depending on the light they can look black but they’re not. I love this effect dark nail polishes have, they look so sophisticated. Maybe Sole Mate is the least “black” of the three, but you can always apply another layer for this one or thinner layers for Stylenomics and After School Boy Blazer.

You can pick them up at your local drugstore, mine are from Walgreens and they retail for 8$. I can see these  being my Fall/Winter favourites…although too many trips to the drugstore could make me change my mind!